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September 4, 2018


During the month of September we are receiving the Edna McMillan offering for State Missions. Our goal is $9,000.00.  This offering funds many ministries, but some of the key ones for the coming year are feeding the hungry, church planting, a new Sunday School project, and smaller church ministries among others. It is a worthy offering and I hope all of us will give.  Beginning Sunday, we will be showing some video clips to introduce you to some of these ministries.

I am looking forward to celebrating the 50thanniversary of Joan Butcher as our Church Organist this coming Sunday.  She began as our organist in 1968!  It is such a rare accomplishment to do anything for 50 years!  Joan has been such a great asset for our worship for all of these years.  She has served with eight different Music Ministers (not counting those who were Interim) and eight different Pastors.  She has been a faithful and dedicated servant of the Lord.  She has been so adaptable as well!  Think of how church music has changed in the last fifty years!  She can be a part of any style, whether traditional, blended, or contemporary.

Joan has a servants’ heart and a great love for people.  She loves her church and her Lord.  She has been a joy to her Pastor as well.  “Joan, we love you and thank God for you!  You have been a blessing to so many people, both inside the church and outside the church.” We will have a time of recognition during the morning worship service and a come and go reception in the Event Center after the Evening Worship service. Hope you will join us for a great day!

Pastor Russell